You’ve Got Mail

When I first began my work as a host I was just out of the boardroom and filled to the brim with nerves. I was working late hours—or early hours, depending on how you look at it—and cutting my teeth in the new, glossy world of television. I remember my boss coming into a meeting we were having and starting to talk about getting email from customers.

Well, I actually got nervous.  I had just started in the television business, fell into the job (a story for another time) and I was in training to become a host.


Then it happened.  The first email, one I will always remember.

My daughter was home with a cold, and I was uneasy leaving her for work. I spilled coffee across my newly washed blazer and found myself frantically rummaging through the modeling wardrobe at the network. I prepared to present a digital camera, but when the camera rolled, it immediately malfunctioned. Needless to say, I really struggled that night to get anything out quite right My day was out of focus, and by the time my show ended, I thought I might cry.

The next night when I arrived at work and combed through new messages I spotted an email from a viewer:

“Allison, I was watching you last night on air and decided to reach out to you. You were offering a camera and talking about the last vacation you had with your mom and daughter.  How you wished you had a camera to capture all the memories.  I wanted to send you and email to tell you that you are such a joy to watch.  You are always real, honest and really funny.  But it means more to me than ever because I lost my daughter last year and haven’t been able to smile much lately, but you remind me of her and last night I was smiling.  Thank you so much for being with me every night and making me smile again.”

allisonThis message will forever be one of my most cherished notes from a viewer. Since I started my work in television, viewers continue to reach out and share their own stories, comments about a show, or a simple note to say “hello!” Today we have new vehicles for  communicating —Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With these changes, I get to connect with more viewers and they have graciously allowed me to be a part of their homes and families.  It feels like the world is moving so fast some days and you begin to realize it is all a result of kindness.  One person, one note, one moment, and now through the keystroke on a keyboard, we are all connected.

When you have a bad day, I hope you’ll find me on-air telling a story, sharing something new, and sending some happiness your way. You’ve given me so much support and encouraged me, even on my worst days. I hope I can continue to be there for you too.allison2


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