Invicta Cruise

So imagine this:

• You are joining approximately 2,500 super fans, all who love and are passionate about the same thing you are 

• You are sharing your own fabulous collection with other fans 

• You have a chance to own Limited Edition pieces offered exclusively to you 

• You can meet, chat and ask questions with the CEO of your favorite company 

• You can enjoy live television broadcasts streaming onto a huge Jumbo-tron as you soak up the sun stage-side or pool-side 

• You are enjoying fabulous cuisine while tuxedo- dressed waiters dance on the tables

• You are dancing 

* You are partying  

• You are diving for watches 

Wow” and “yes, please,” right?   

That is exactly what happened in mid-February on Invicta’s Ocean Voyage to the Bahamas!  For 3 days, Invicta collectors from all over the country, Evine’s crew, 4 hosts and 2 guests boarded that Carnival cruise ship for the experience of a lifetime!  
For me as a host, it was the event of my career!  Meeting so many Evine and Invicta fans face-to-face was unlike anything else I had ever experienced before. There was this crazy energy from everyone just because we all are a part of this really cool event.

There was a feeding frenzy of everyone trying to get their hands on the latest Invicta timepiece, but there was also  something different happening that was really palpable and very special. There was a warmth, a feeling of gratitude and, most importantly, a feeling of friendship, family and community. To feel so connected and so in touch with viewers was an extraordinary experience I will never forget.  I know who so many of you are now, I have met your wives, your husbands and your children.  You are the vein of why I love what I do.  It was my pleasure to have shared this incredible adventure with you and I thank you for the beautiful memories.

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1 thought on “Invicta Cruise”

  1. I watched every chance I had and really wish I found out about it sooner but I will be on the next one and I can’t wait!! Just watching from t.v. was so much fun as I purchased yet another watch, then another, but one thing came through loud and clear…..I’m not the only one by far that knows quality, comfort and beautiful timepieces when I see it. Let’s face it, no one needs 300 watches by Invicta, we want them because they are such great timepieces and makes you feel great and special to wear them! It’s like shoes or anything else you like to shop for, it can seem like an addiction due to the fact that once you get the one you want, and you think your satisfied, they come out with more even cooler designs and then you have to have that one too! Invicta what have you done to us?!! LOL! I have many friends that now buy only Invicta watches!!! There really is a close bond between Invicta owners and I have made some great life long friendships!
    See ya on the next cruise guys!!!

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