Everyday {Inspiration} with Robin Shea

Well, Hey Everyone!  Here I am, my first official blog for Evine.com.  My goal is to simply introduce myself in hopes that there is a part of you that connects to a part of me.

My name is Robin Michaela Shea, I am a Southern gal, born in Louisiana, raised in Texas. I have been married to Greg Shea, the love of my life, for the past 28 years, and we have four awesome sons, Colton, Mac, Rylan and Rowdy.  In the spring of 2016 my son Colton married his sweetheart, Madison, and we added a beautiful daughter to our family.  For Christmas I received the greatest gift of all, learning that my son and beautiful new daughter will be adding to their family, blessing my husband and I with our first grandbaby!

I never imagined that I would raise four boys that really-truly ended up raising me.  As a young girl, when I dreamed of my family to-be, my dreams were filled with shopping, make-up, dances, clothes (lots of clothes), girl-chat and mother-daughter bonding.  Instead I found myself smack-dab in the middle of a world I knew nothing about.  Horses, hunting, fishing, dirt-bikes, football, weight-lifting, paintball, dare-devils, extreme sports, and smelly socks!  But through the dust, dirt and chaos of raising four sons, I found my purpose. I fell in love with dirt and I wouldn’t trade those stinky boys for anything. It is always a full-time rodeo at the Shea House, so much so that we named our fourth son, Rowdy!  We are a close knit group of southern crazies that love loud, eat hardily, pray confidently and kneel willingly.

So… Some of you maybe wondering how a southern girl from Texas, who raised four boys in Kentucky, ended up on Evine hosting Sweet Home Savannah with the awesome and awe inspiring Paula Deen?  Well, let’s roll the clock back to somewhere around 2002 and I’ll share my story with you.

As any young mother with four babies under the age of 10 can relate, I became mired down in the daily frustrations of managing my home and children. My husband worked long hours, often 12-16 hours a day and left me to handle all things domestic.  I found myself struggling to find joy in the chaos of my life.  Rather than being grateful for the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom, I allowed my daily routine of 24 x 7 Mommy’ing to take its toll.  I didn’t focus on the joy of raising my boys, I focused instead on insignificant irritants that ultimately robbed me of my joy and took a toll on my family.

One day, I just decided…

I was tired of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated; my family was my greatest gift and it was high-time I started acting like it!

“The struggle ends when gratitude begins”

~Neale Donald Walsch.

I made the decision to fill my heart with gratitude; I was going to train my eyes to look for blessings in even the most mundane tasks.  I was going to take time each day to find beauty and inspiration in everyday things.  I was going to soften my heart, let go of perfection, be more accepting of others and create a home for my family that embodied JOY rather than judgment.  This decision was life changing (to say the least); looking for Everyday {Inspiration} humbles me, keeps me grateful, joyful, positive and helps me remember that happiness is a choice.

My heart was so ready for this shift in thinking that my transformation was effortless.  Now it was time to heal my family. One of my family’s greatest struggles was meal time.  My boys were so active and participated in a number of extracurricular activities, this often robbed of us of very valuable family time and allowed fast-food into our lives on an almost daily basis.  Breaking this fast-food habit and recommitting to our health and nutrition was one of the changes I was committed to make.  My new-found outlook on life gave me the courage to tackle my family’s most challenging struggles.  So, I put a spin on old fashioned bulk cooking and began writing multi-meal recipes (3-in-1), which I referred to as Meal Stacking and I implemented an 80/20 philosophy with our weekly menu.

Incidentally, the 80/20 Lifestyle is the way I nourished (and still nourish) my family.  Monday through Friday I prepare healthy meals for my family.  Which means no fast-food, store bought cakes, chips, cookies, or soda etc.; but, on the weekend we enjoy our favorite indulgences together.  The 80/20 Lifestyle gave my family healthy nutritional parameters, while also allowing for delicious indulgent treats.  My boys are almost grown, yet they maintain the discipline and parameters set when they were young and continue to follow The 80/20 Lifestyle.

Meal Stacking allowed me to prepare quick and easy meals every night with zero hassle and The 80/20 Lifestyle kept my family’s nutrition on point!  I was so excited at how Meal Stacking and The 80/20 Lifestyle transformed my family’s dinner hour that I began sharing these recipes and philosophy with all of my friends and speaking to MOPs Groups (Mother’s of Pre-Schoolers) on the benefits and healing powers of the family dinner table and the importance of providing our children with healthy nutritional parameters.  Before I knew it, the local Bowling Green television morning program asked if I would be a guest on their show and demonstrate one of my Meal Stacking recipes and speak to The 80/20 Lifestyle.  I appeared on Midday Live in August 2004; I talked about the power of the family dinner table and demonstrated a Meal Stacking recipe.  The host and her viewing audience loved the segment, and after receiving many positive comments from her viewers, she called and asked if I would like to return the following week for another segment.  I was asked to return each week for several weeks until they invited me to host my own weekly segment… and just like that I had a career.  From my first appearance on WBKO’s Midday Live, I never missed a week for the next six years.

My time on Midday Live was an amazing period in my life, it allowed me to give birth to what would become my life’s work.  If I wasn’t preparing for my weekly segment, I was deeply engrossed in researching and studying human behavior.  I had to know if the miracle of gratitude I experienced in my life, the miracle that healed my family, my heart, and made my family whole was as simple as a shift in thinking?  And if it was that simple, I had to learn everything I possibly could about this empowering practice so I could I teach others?

In the fall of 2010, I got a call from New York. A producer was made aware of my Meal Stacking segments on Midday Live and asked if I would be interested in writing a pilot for PBS.  PBS sounded like the perfect outlet for my passion-driven message.  So, I wrote my first pilot, Southern Fried Fitness.  Southern Fried Fitness ran four seasons nationally on PBS and several cable networks.  The program centered around my Everyday {Inspiration} philosophy, and 80/20 nutrition.

In an effort to appeal to a more national audience, in the summer of 2015 we changed the name of the program from Southern Fried Fitness to Cooking 80/20 with Robin Shea and relocated filming to WKU (Western Kentucky University) in Bowling Green Kentucky where it is filmed today.  We have produced two additional seasons as Cooking 80/20 with Robin Shea; same great recipes and Everyday {Inspiration} philosophy.

Funny thing about Everyday {Inspiration} it inspires you to look, think and act outside of the box.  Everyday {Inspiration} taught me to trust my instincts and out of the blue, I was inspired to reach out to Paula Deen in early 2011.  I wrote her a letter and shared my lifestyle philosophy; and in 2014, Paula came calling. I received a phone call from Paula’s team inviting me to her home in Savannah to meet the Queen of Southern Cuisine and discuss how we could work together.

That was the beginning of our friendship…  Since meeting in January 2014, Paula and I have worked together very closely.  I am partners with her on her digital network, she has come to my home in Bowling Green, Kentucky and filmed two episodes of Cooking 80/20 with me, I write a blog for her website, we chat on her podcast, restaurant openings, book-signings, cooking demo’s, trade-show events and more, we enjoy spending time together and have developed a close friendship.

When Evine decided to launch Sweet Home Savannah, in Savannah, it was Paula that asked if I could have a crack at the host position.  Let me tell you, it hasn’t been easy.  I have never hosted this type of program before and it is a world apart from the work I have been doing since 2004.  The wonderful hosts on Evine are true professionals, they make a rather demanding job seem effortless; I admire each and every one of them.  I am blessed by the team at Evine and Paula for showing me such patience and encouraging me every step of the way as I learn the ropes.

Adding Evine to my life allows another opportunity for me to share my passion for Everyday {Inspiration}.  Whether I am presenting one of Paula’s beautiful sheet sets, something from her Paula Deen Fashions, or in the kitchen with Paula, you can be certain that I am sharing my heart in hopes that you may be touched by Paula’s Collections and find your own Everyday {Inspiration}.

I am looking very forward to getting know each of you, sharing wonderful opportunities to own fabulous items here at Evine and entertain you each Tuesday at 6:00pm (et) with my dear friend and mentor, Paula Deen

Dedicated to creating H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S.,

Robin Shea is all about finding inspiration in everyday living.

Everyday {Inspiration} is about embracing moments and sharing love:

family food fashion home health design and everything in between.

Robin has a pulse for creating a more joyous life, a life that fills you from the inside out!

Everyday {Inspiration} with Robin Shea: Inspiration for a happy life.


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